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Subject:       (Fwd) Ecuador threatens to fire striking health workers

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Subject:       Ecuador threatens to fire striking health workers

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Posted at 7:07 p.m. PDT Thursday, May 1, 1997

Ecuador threatens to fire >>striking<< health >>workers<<

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) -- The government warned public health >>workers<<
Friday to end their two-week >>strike<< and return to their jobs by next
week, otherwise they would be fired and hospitals would be run by the

At least 15,000 health >>workers<< -- mainly doctors, nurses, maintenance
>>workers<< and administrative staff -- are on >>strike<< to pressure the
government to increase the national health budget.

The hospitals are only treating emergency cases. The >>strike<< does not
affect private hospitals or clinics.

Health Minister Guillermo Wagner threatened Thursday to fire the strikers
if they do not return to work on Monday.

If they refuse, military doctors and health >>workers<< would step in to
run the hospitals and the protesters would face arrest for >>striking<<
illegally, Wagner said.

An emergency decree issued last week by President Fabian Alarcon authorizes
the military to take control of the hospitals. Soldiers were put on guard
outside public hospitals Thursday but did not enter the buildings.

The health >>workers<< are demanding the government increase spending on
health to 22 percent of the national budget. Alarcon has offered to spend 8

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