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Subject:       Palestinian teachers end strike

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Posted at 7:17 a.m. PDT Saturday, April 26, 1997

Palestinian teachers end >>strike<<

JERUSALEM (Reuter) - Palestinian teachers went back to work Saturday after
the Palestinian Authority released detained >>strike<< organizers and
agreed to discuss the teachers' demands, officials and teachers said.

``President Yasser Arafat has ordered the release of all teachers during
Friday's cabinet meeting. All have been released Friday night,'' Jibril
Rujoub, Palestinian Preventive Security chief in the West Bank, told

Teachers said after the release they decided to end the >>strike<< for
higher pay and improved working conditions. The action by members of the
Teachers Union was the first >>strike<< by Palestinian Authority employees.

West Bank schools, paralyzed by the >>strike<< since early April, resumed
classes Saturday. Teachers have complained that their salary of about $400
a month is not enough to cover their basic needs.

Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council said the Council promised
teachers to discuss their demands in order to prevent security and police
forces from intervening in unions' functions.

Monday Palestinian police in the West Bank arrested more than 25 teachers
who were leading the >>strike<<. Rujoub and other security officials led
the negotiations with the >>strike<< committee.

``This is not a police state and it is not accepted to have the security
negotiate a deal with union members,'' said a legislator who refused to be
identified. ``We have a law, courts and civilian institutions that should
solve the problem, not the police.''

Teachers said they were promised by the Palestinian Authority to approve
the formation of a teachers association and to improve their working
conditions. REUTER Reut10:02 04-26-97 

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