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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 11:05:45 -0400
Subject: AUT: Re: French Bordigists

>In regards to the ultra-left "revisionism" John Gray has the story right.
>The unholy marrage of the ultra-left and nazi revisionists was interesting
>to watch. But the sins of the step-children shouldn't be placed upon the
>I believe that the origional Bordigist article, "Auschwitz ou le Grand
>Alibi", didn't claim the Holocost hadn't occured or occured at a much
>smaller rate. The main thrust of the Bordigists was the Holocaust was being
>used as an after the fact excuse for World War 2. Even though the Allies
>knew about the systematic extermination of Jews, Gypsys, etc. and did
>nothing to stop it. After the war, when the real reasons (economic) for the
>war would be revealed, the holocost became the justification (the "big
>Alibi") for the war. Much the same way as slavery is the "reason" for the
>US Civil War.
>The demi-bordigists of the late 70s-early 80s to this "big alibi" trueism
>and married it to the growing current of right-wing holocost revisionism,
>saying the holocost was propaganda generated for the allied cause.
>I must also warn our anarchist comrades not to get too smug about this. The
>English translation of the ultra-left revisionist leaflet "Notre
>royaume..." was translated and published by the Seattle anarchist group
>"Charlitan Stew" and distributed by the Fifth Estate newspaper.

I've never seen this translation - and indeed was unaware of its existence.
I've looked through my (incomplete) collection of back no.s of FE, but
could find no reference to it. As the latest issue of FE includes a letter
from Green Anarchist accusing the editor of Unpopular Books of "involvement
in 'La Guerre Sociale', apologists for Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson",
it would be very useful to have exact information about this for a

In fact the person in question was never involved in Guerre Sociale, but
did meet them through participation in and production of the International
Discussion Bulletin (1979-81), and did translate and publish a text by them
criticising Cammatte. Furthermore,this person refused to circulate the
"Notre royaume ..." leaflet arguing that it was beside the point and could
only lend support to neo-nazis.

Any furtherinformation on this that you have available would be appreciated.

Leutha Blissett

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