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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 09:59:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Lacan, Mondrian and Klee

On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, malgosia askanas wrote:

> Ah, I have to explain better the constraints.  The plot is that Mondrian
> drops by on a friend - call him X - and finds Klee there in a polite discussion
> with Lacan.  Mondrian gets so enraged listening to this discussion that he
> throws at Lacan X's favorite china cup.  Then, for a number of days, they
> all exchange pre-printed Hallmark-type postcards to apologize to and forgive
> one another.
> So the constraints are: it requires a domestic kind of setting (could be 
> a well-lived-in office) and X, the host, can be neither Mondrian nor Lacan.
> It could be Klee.  It should be someone who's an "insider" as far as Klee
> and Mondrian go.  Lacan should be the "outsider". 
Salut m.

Sounds like you're writing your own 'Purloined Letter'. Perhaps X is Irigaray 
and/or Derrida. (She never mentions Lacan's name once in 'Speculum de 
l'Autre'.) Of course Irigaray was kicked out of Lacan's Ecole Freudienne de 
Paris for this scathing critique of Lacan's use of Poe's tale + the analysis 
of his Symbolic Order. Followed by Derrida's critique, they established an 
entire anti-Lacanian industry. 

Poe used the book-lined, smoke-filled close quarters of the Parisian study 
of his famous investigator, Dupin - just close enough to the rue Morgue.
1938 was when Mondrian quit Paris for London - lots of room for correspondance 
there. But then again, a cozy backroom of, say, a Boekhandler in Amsterdam
gives direct train access to London, Paris or Dusseldorf (was Klee in 
Dusseldorf at that time?) Could Lacan (who had just begun formulating his 
mirror, imaginaire/reel/symbolic theories 2 years earlier), while in 
A'dam for a lecture, or a holiday... browsing about, have overheard these 
Others in heated discussion - and somehow joined in, somehow gotten 
embroiled, influenced, and somehow ...

Best hurry up - the world changes radically the following year. ;^)

Mit einem freundlichen cheerio,

			post tenebras spero lucem

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