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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 10:56:18 +0100

  I am serving on the advisory board for an upcoming International Conference
  entitled "CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED" which is being conducted at CAiiA, the
  Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, at the University of
  Wales. We are holding this International Conference on July 5,6 in 97.

  My area of interest involves VR & theoretical avant-garde artistic
spacial constructs
  of VR information. The topic heading will be : " Deframed Perceptual Spaces
  : mirrorings, imaginings, replicas & copies of mirrored images".

  There are other topics groups in development as well. Here they all are:

 * Mapping and Responsive Visualisations
  * Public-Personal
  * Sonic Reembodiment/Disembodiment
  * Left Brain Navigation
  * Cyberception and Paranature
  * The Cybernetics of Architecture
  * Community of Ahomogeneous Systems
  * Dream Consciousness Reality
  * Transformations and Future Body

  I'm looking for avant-garde art related papers on these subjects.
  If interested please contact me at:

   Feel free to circulate this notice.

Joseph Nechvatal -AT- Paris

Data only becomes information if it changes something.

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