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Date: 30 Oct 1996 12:30:39 -0400
Subject: RE: rendering rendering

>I'm to do a 2-day workshop at an arts highschool on a theory/drawing riff. I
>have some ideas--really just making explicit the notion that everything
>(made) has style, that is, all humanly made artfacts (artfacts? a good typo)
>are ideological artifacts. I was going to do one day on animals (real,
>stuffed, zoo, Audubon, nat. hist. books, Disney, "art", duck stamps,
>aboriginal, Cree, Picasso selfportrait monkeys, cave, etc) but the second day
>I'm a bit at a loss for. Anyone done something like this? Gots ideas?

>Think "depiction."

A nice counterpoint would be the variety of ways man-made things like
machines, buildings and products are anthropomorphicized (I can't believe I
actually used that word in a sentence); either through their design or the
need to "humanize" them - like a drawing of car with a face on it.  Sounds
like a neat class.  I wish I had something has interesting in high school -
maybe even college for that matter.


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