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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 00:04:39 +1000
Subject: Re: When is traditional.... avant-garde?

re: 'parodying of capitalist modes' etc. 
Presumably this refers to concepts like the Situationists 'detournement': 
" The literary & artistic heritage of humanity should be used for 
propaganda purposes..." (Debord, 'Methods of Detournement', 1956) By 
plaigiarising the products of culture and recombining the appropriated 
parts in new & incongrouus ways a double purpose is served. Firstly, "it 
will express our indifference towards a meaningless & forgotten 
original", & in so doing will bring into question the very notions of 
authorship, originality, & inspiration. Secondly, detournement is seen as 
"a powerful cultural weapon in the service of real class struggle", a 
pedagogical tool that demonstrates the validity of an active reading 
'against the grain'. 

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