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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 17:37:24 +0100
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  Please forward the above announcement to whatever networks and
individuals you think would be interested.

 TEL/FTP> Electronic archive

Dear Colleagues,

 A unique and  importantelectronic archive contains, at present, the
following papers:

books-by-ctt (4816 bytes) * card-guessing-learning-or-extinction
(27906 bytes) * consciousness-athens (27218 bytes) * current-contents
(13989 bytes) * dealing-w-fear-of-psi (29882 bytes) *
experimenter-bias-in-hypnosis (13617 bytes) * game-of-games (25148
bytes) * inforate-precog-vs-real-time (40349 bytes) *
j-transpersonal-psych-articles (2610 bytes) * marijuana-and-psi (66649
bytes) * olympia-declaration (2673 bytes) *
physiological-correlates-of-psi (26940 bytes) * psi-function-and-asc
(81486 bytes) * psychics-fears-of-psychic-powers (37085 bytes) *
reprints-paper (97405 bytes) * rev-tibetan-book-living-dying (19424
bytes) * science-sources-of-value (31892 bytes) * space-time-and-mind
(102159 bytes) * state-specific-sciences (54300 bytes) *
training-of-psi-internal-processes (89408 bytes)

and is available via the following URL:


Scientific articles available via anonymous FTP on -


As an aid to education and communication, Charles T. Tart, Professor
Emeritus of Psychology at the Davis campus of the University of California,
internationally known for pioneering scientific work in the above
and related areas, is gradually making reprints of his published
journal articles and miscellaneous papers available, via anonymous
ftp, to whoever is interested. These are mostly from scientific journals,
but are generally quite readable to the educated layman.

 The following are examples of the kinds of topics:
- experiences in altered states of consciousness as fundamental
sources of value in Western civilization, underlying religion
-investigating altered states by the development of state-specific
- ESP functioning could be trained to become reliable by using
basic psychological principles of learning
- precognition works an order of magnitude less well than real
time ESP under laboratory conditions
-psychics' own fears of psychic abilities
-psychological ways of dealing with fear of psi
-perniciousness of bias in apparently objective science
-marijuana intoxication and psi functioning

Another 100+ articles will be posted over the next year as they are
scanned in and formatted as ASCII files. The file "current contents"
in the ftp server will indicate what has been added.

Computer users with access to the Internet can access the archive
as follows:

Connect to ftp server, "".
Log in as username "anonymous". Send your e-mail address
as the ident/password string.
cd to /pub/fztart.
A "dir" command will show you what is available.
A "get" command will retrieve documents.
The file "current-contents" will be updated regularly, showing
what papers are available, often with an abstract of each.


Joseph Nechvatal -AT- Paris

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