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Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 21:30:40 +0100
Subject: Variant

People on this list may be interested in the return of Variant magazine,
which originally published the Simon Ford article in the a-g archive.
Apologies to anyone who's already received this message via the Liveart
list, but here's a quick resume:

The relaunched Variant (subtitled "cross-currents in culture") is being 
published as a 20 page freesheet.  Some of the articles in the first 
issue (published on October 1st) are:
 "The Beast That Would Not Die" - a selection of letters to/from the
      Scottish Arts Council about the de-funding decision which ended
      the magazine's previous life at the beginning of 1994.
 "Palingenesis of the avant-garde" by Stewart Home, on Burger, Hewitt, 
      Hegel, Debord and Fluxus
 "African & Asian Visual Artists Archive" by Sonia Boyce
 "No-One Suddenly Became Depraved" by co-editor William Clark, on Julian
      Spalding's populism
 "Caught in the Web" by A Dickson, on web art projects
 "Focail laidire, i nglor iseal" by co-editor Leigh French, on the
      Irishing of pubs
 "Club Adorno" - a strange dialogue
 "Getting Carried Away" by Dave Beech, which I won't even try to
 and reviews of Foster, Cioran, Stallabrass, cds and Stewart Home on
 interviewing Jimmy Cauty

All in all, it's uncompromising and it's good to see it free of the 
tentacles of the SAC bureaucrats.

The freesheet is being distributed through various channels, but 
individuals can also subscribe for 4 issues (a bit of an act of faith!) 
for 2UKP (UK), 3UKP (EC), 5UKP US/Canada, 5.50UKP elsewhere, from PO Box 
1269, Glasgow G3 6QA, Scotland.  Institutions can get bulk copies of an 
issue for 10UKP for 25.

-- Alastair Dickson, Stirling, Scotland
-- <>

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