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Subject: Call for papers
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 15:53:40 -0400 (EDT)

Gender-related papers on any aspect of avant-garde musical
activities would be welcome.
============================================================Call for papers 
Feminist Theory and Music 4 
Charlottesville VA June 5 - 8 1997 
The Program Committee invites proposals for Feminist Theory and
Music 4, an interdisciplinary conference to be held on the
grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA,
June 5-8, 1997. This is the fourth in a series of biannual
conferences on feminist studies of music (Minneapolis, 1991;
Rochester, 1993; Riverside, 1995). 
All proposals that consider music in relation to feminism,
women's studies, gender studies, and lesbian/gay/queer studies
are welcome. There are no restrictions on kinds of music,
approaches and methods, or academic field of the presenter. 

We particularly encourage submissions that highlight one or
more of the following concerns: (1) the relationship of race,
ethnicity and/or class to feminist thinking about music; (2)
the use of ethnomusicological methods for such thinking, or the
implication of feminist theory for ethnomusicological research;
(3) music-making by women in contemporary life, including the
work of living women composers; (4) gender concerns in relation
to avant-garde musics such as electronic music and performance
art. As at previous conferences, we will welcome offerings on
current popular music and the history of European art music.

While we expect that many presentations will take the form of
20-minute scholarly papers, we are open to other uses of the
20-minute time, including presentations that are innovative in
format (for instance, presentations that involve performance,
collaboration, interaction, or forms of discourse that are not
traditional in academic settings). 

Proposals should be at most 250 words, stating the goal or
argument of the presentation, explaining its contribution to
feminist studies of music, and identifying any unusual aspects
of format or presentation. Proposals may be submitted
electronically or in hard copies. We cannot accept proposals by
We strongly encourage electronic submission by sending email
to <>. Email submissions must be sent by
midnight February 1, 1997. Email submissions should include the
author's name, address, and phone number (these will be deleted
when the message is sent to the Program Committee). Email
submissions will be acknowledged by email reply. 
If you prefer you may submit hard copies by mailing 15 copies
of a 1-page proposal to Fred E. Maus, Feminist Theory and
Music, Department of Music, University of Virginia,
Charlottesville VA 22903. The postmark deadline for submission
of hard copies is February 1, 1997. Enclose a cover letter
giving the author's name, address, and phone number and the
title of the proposal. The proposal itself should not reveal
the author's identity. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed
postcard if you want acknowledgment of receipt. 

We welcome requests that a room and time be set aside for a
study group, meeting of an organization, or other gathering. We
will consider proposals for longer papers, panel discussions,
or "special sessions" devoted to a single topic, though the
possibilities for scheduling such sessions are limited.
Proposals for events other than 20-minute presentations may be
up to 400 words in length and may identify the participants if
appropriate for evaluation of the proposal. Submit
electronically or in hard copies as described above. 

Program committee for FTM4: Paul Attinello, Suzanne Cusick
(co-chair), Linda Dusman, Rita Felski, Sophie Fuller, Kyra
Gaunt, Ellie Hisama, Ellen Koskoff, Roberta Lamb, Fred Maus
(co-chair), Martha Mockus, Eva Rieger, Carolina Robertson,
Deborah Wong, Elizabeth Wood.

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