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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:25:52 -0500
Subject: Re:Re: Re: kkk

>>>        Forget about the lies
>>>        Dreams were made to be broken
>>We thrive in information-thick worlds because of our marvelous and everyday
>>capacities to select, edit, single out, structure, highlight, group, pair,
>>merge, harmonize, synthesize, focus, organize, condense, reduce, boil down,
>>choose, categorize, catalogue, classify, refine, abstract refine, abstract
>>scan, look into, idealize, isolate, discriminate, distinguish, screen,
>>sort, pick over, group, pigenhole, integrate, blend, average, filter, lump,
>>skip, smooth, chunk, inspect, approximate, cluster, blend, average, filter,
>>lump, skip,  itemize, review, flip through, browse, leaf through, skim,
>>list, glean, synopsize, winnow, and finish.
>...not to mention the gift of contradiction.
how do you define thrive?
Can you say that what we're doing is thriving?

I assume you mean information thick worlds that are thick with the
information of the "" age.
if so, that is a bias toward technocratic culture, and maybe even a
mispalcement of priority.

Michael Barrett

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