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Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:20:25 -0400
Subject: Re: The land is dry

>Are there any avant garde book publishers out there anymore?

There are, but they are poor as church mice. The NEA and that kind of thing
is dry (such as it was, even), the other grantors are academy-oriented, and
public connoisseurship has been lowered by the blind rage against
"elitism." We could do with a bit more of that. Anything which does not
serve the interests of the big corporations is attacked as "elitist" or
"underground," and this makes for a pretty drab scene.

Where is the
>American equivlent to les Editions de Minuit.

Try Joe Napora's BULLHEAD (<>) or Bryan McHugh's LEFT
HAND BOOKS for starters. Bryan is MY NEIGHBOR (P. O. Box 27, Barrytown, NY
12507-tel: (914) 758-6478, fax 758-4416).

If you're out there get in touch!

Maybe you've run across my old press, SOMETHING ELSE PRESS (1964-73). I
have almost none of my old books and can't afford a lot of things, but I am
still alive and well and glad to see your inquiry.

Dick Higgins

>Jay Marvin
>KHOW Radio
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Dick Higgins

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