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we are on vm/cms

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dies hier ist mir mit der Bitte um Weitergabe geschickt worden,
moeglicherweise interessiert es den ein oder anderen von Euch.


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To: (Simone Demmel)
From: (Seiji Imai)
Subject: ein ganz anderes Thema (forwarded message)

Hallo Simone,

entschuldige, dass ich dir ploetzlich diese fremde Nachricht weiterleitete.

Ich leitete das deshalb weiter, weil er, Herr MATSUMINE in Japan mich
gebeten hat, die politische Idee seiner verstorbenen Tochter irgendwie
uebersee vorzustellen bzw. zu verbreiten. Er ist schon mehr als sechzig
Jahre alt und hat seine Tochter, die damals in Marburg Politik studierte,
in einem Flugsumfall eines Airbus 300 in Japan verloren.

Obwohl ich nicht bei dieser unabhaengigen Kampagne engagiert bin, koennte
es dich/euch Zukunft-Politiker und Politikerinnen interessieren. Sein Name,
Titel und Gruss auf Japanische habe ich uebersetzt bzw. weggelassen, weil
das ohne Japanisches Betriebssystem unlesbar sind.

Wenn jemand darum anfragen will, bitte schick ihm direkt E-Mail
( auf Englische.



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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 06:52:47 +0900 (JST)
From: Hiroshi Matsumine (trans.) <>
Subject: English Translation of my plan (trans.)

(greeting to me, omitted)

Subject (trans.) =1B$B!'=1B(JNew "Direct Democracy"  Plan

The following is the gist of the new "direct democracy" plan:
One who wants direct participation in law-making or policy-making
shall cast his/her vote for and against the bill for decision at the Diet on
electronic terminals. When the number of these total direct votes become
equal to the average number of votes obtained by the Dietman, it shall be
 counted as a single vote in a Diet resolution.

For example, the average number of votes obtained by a member of
 the House of Representatives is 125,000.  Therefore, if a number of
a favorable vote is 1.25 million and that of a negative vote is 2.5 million
 in a total direct participated votes at the Diet resolution, the chairperson
will add ten votes to the yeas and 20 votes to the nays.

How to Elect  Assemblymen

A person shall freely upload his/her policy on the electronic Bulletin
Board System named a "Draft Bulletin."  (A title should be within 30
 characters;  a gist should be within one screen; a detail should be
within 30 screens.)  On this bulletin board,  items and petitions at
each committee of the Diet are also uploaded.  This "Draft Bulletin"
 allow easy reading through a simplified personal computer etc.

A Space for Comments

A "space for comments" on the electronic Bulletin Board is also
provided in order to write an agreement/ a disagreement and/or
comments on the interested item through a simplified personal
computer etc.

Once in four months, all of the written votes (agreement/disagreement
and comments) will be added up, and the top ten most written IDs will
 be the Diet's deliberation items.
(That is, three times in a year, totally 30 items will be deliberated at
the Diet.)

"The Bulletin of Deliberation Items"

The selected ten deliberation items will be uploaded on the state-run
 electronic bulletin board named the "Bulletin of Deliberation Items"
 along with the opinions from political parties, specialists and civic
 organizations. So, everybody can read without any conditions.
Consequently, the mass media will give an extra space to a special
feature article about these ten deliberation items. Two months will be
 offered to openly discuss these ten items. Then, each item will have
 a forum on the internet and/or the personal computer communication,
 in which such opinions as agreements, disagreements, revisions
and/or critics will be discussed. (Naturally, most people might just
 read them through  simplified personal computers.)

The Diet Deliberation and the Voting

After two months open-discussion period,  a vote will be taken on
these ten items.  As a principle, one item will be discussed among
the parties at the Diet spending a day.  From 9:00 p.m. an abridged
version of the Diet deliberation will be televised. Just at 10:00 p.m.,
 ten items will come to the vote. Assemblymen and the persons who
have chosen the direct democracy will cast a vote of yes or no, or a
blank vote at the Diet or through electronic terminals. Two electronic
 totalizing boards will be set up at the Diet for assemblymen and
direct-participating people, and each board will show the result
of the vote cast by Dietmen and the participating citizens.

Two way of totalizing are suggested:

1.The total votes by the participating citizens are divided by
the average votes obtained by the Dietman in the election
 (If the average number of the votes obtained by Dietmen is
 125,000 and the number of the direct participating citizen's
favorable/negative vote is 1.25 million, ten votes will be added
to the favorable/negative votes at the Diet.)

2.No participating citizen's vote will added, instead,
each Dietman's vote will be treated as equal as the number of
 the votes the Dietman obtained.(If a Dietman obtained 300,000 votes
in the election, the Dietman's vote is treated as 300,000 votes.)

This proposal to establish the new rule in exercising the sovereignty
 will unable the specified political party to occupy the majority of
the Diet seats, in case that there is a light turnout for the election seen
in the United States. Also, marvelously spreading internet may invite
a lively discussion to adopt this kind of "direct democracy" proposal.



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Wenn ich schon klicken muss, dann will ich auch ein Bildchen haben ...
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