File spoon-archives/avant-garde.archive/avant-garde_1996/96-11-03.013, message 93

Date:         Sat, 19 Oct 96 19:46:03 MEZ
Subject:      Re: stop soliciting funds for profit on the Net!

On Sat, 19 Oct 1996 12:38:37 -0400 (EDT) Gerald Levy said:
>John Young wrote:
>>                   "No Risk" Money-Back Guarantee!
>>    _________________________________________________________
>It seems that "progressives" are not immune from using the Net for

Heh:)) Must be worth reading:))

Btw, did anybody see the murder files/jpgs on
Is it clear to the average reader, that those jpgs are faked (sotosay,
most germany believe they show real murderers at work..:))??

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