File spoon-archives/avant-garde.archive/avant-garde_1996/96-11-03.013, message 94

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 17:51:36 -0400
Subject: Re: Home or Auto Didact - love  to shove it

Indeed. The Economist likes to taunt the semi-wealthy feeble-minded 
with threats of remaining red-brick low-brow for eternity. To compensate 
for market-driven hawking and humping vacuity.

Note that there are few economists on the Great Minds list, however; 
even the middling-mind Economist knows better than to bite Adam 
Smith's invisible hand hard at work rigging markets for the wankers.

Lotsa deals out there with the types, inviting hipster profs to 
upraise their hip boots and heave ho the mass-market mind-dung!
Viva Post-colonialism! Vive les Kermit philosophes!

The feedlot-fattener academies for mind-busy-ness are dying for 
want of new herds. They'll not be missed, fat little bugger-mes 

Hark, Sagan and Paglia and Bloom and warned of the waning 

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