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Date:         Fri, 16 Feb 96 00:25:39 MEZ
Subject:      Legends, urbans...

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Hello.  My name is Yosefi Seltzer and I'm a
research assistant at the United States
Sentencing Commission.  We are currently
working on a congressional request for a report
on child pornography.

What I would like is some names of internet
experts specifically but also individuals who
know something about the amount of child porn
in circulation on the internet and the ways in
which people access it.  Any information you
provide including referrals via e-mail or voice
would be much appreciated.

The knowledge as background would be
helpful, but if you know of anyone who truly
knows his/her stuff, we may invite them to testify
before Congress.  Since we are working on tight
deadlines, the sooner you contact me, the better.
 Thanks for your help.

W: 202-273-4502

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