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Date:         Fri, 23 Feb 96 00:07:41 MEZ
Subject:      Rolling Home

Rolling Home, 22nd of Feb, half past 11, name of a serie of sculptures,
home, the place, the space, and there is also home as direction.
Its him.

Oldenburg. Not perfect, anyway, just to give you an impression.

He sitting in the restaurant, me rolling home, along the street along the
railroad, from Bundeskunsthalle to Rheinweg, around 400 meters, on the
other side of the bahn, in Bonn, End of te Rhinevalley, opening to cologne.
I have not reached to get a mickemousedrawing into notes in my hand, from 1970,
to late for this ceremony, when I came to the museum at half past 9, today

Which is a pity. I think he is the only popartist, who really impressed
me. Rolling home, its ME, all those little things, children play. Its
more than illustration of things, its the space between, some kind of
bacon. ps.....

Its sperrmuell today, on my side of the railway, btw.. Mountainside of the
railway, the Bundeskunsthalle is at Adenauerallee. Rheinweg is the street
of the Bundeskanzler, so to say... Sperrmuell is when people put things on
the street, big junk sotosay, nice stuff for some people sometimes.

Rolling home as psychogeography. Life. I think I dig it. Did some pictures
yesterday, when the bigger rolling home, which is in front of the museum,
was unwrapped. Its like an avalanche, things coming together. You loose
things in life, better to put them in wrapper and.. Thats life, thats it
For today. I couldnt find home, going zigzag, some ambulance to the restaurant,
he still there, good bye.

Swedish sun of a father, NewYork, I presume. Something like somedear in Sydney,
but she left it. Etc. Collecting thingies. I know somebody from south africa,
who collects this children stuff, if you know what I mean.

Maybe I send some gifs to incoming, rolling home, maybe I loose my account,
which would be a pity. They dont give new ones and mmaybe take old ones,
hopefully not.

So longo, realy impressed, nice guy, next months nextdoor.


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