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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:15:37 -0500
Subject: Dead Briton in Calif. Had $9 Million Check 

   Dead Briton in Calif. Had $9 Million Check

   Redding, Calif., 26 Feb., 1996 (Reuters) - A young Briton
   who joined two other Britons in an apparent suicide pact
   last week expressed right-wing views in a suicide note and
   was found with a check for six million pounds sterling
   ($9.25 million), U.S. authorities said Monday.

   The bizarre suicides have baffled authorities in California
   and Arizona, where the other two bodies were found.
   Authorities said the young British woman, believed to be 
   Jane Greenhow, 23, apparently shot herself through the
   mouth last Thursday. Her body was found in a rented car on
   Conflict Point Road in Shasta County in northern Califoria.

   In the car, authorities said they found a wig, what
   appeared to be a suicide note expressing right-wing views,
   and the check from an international bank for six million

   "Right now we're baffled," Lt. John Boyle, Shasta County's 
   chief deputy coroner, told Reuters. "At this point in time
   we're looking for answers."

   The day before the body of Greenhow was found in Shasta
   County more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) away police in
   Mesa, Arizona, said Britons Ruth Fleming and Stefan Bateman
   had walked into a shooting range, rented handguns and began
   firing at targets. Then, without warning, almost
   simultaneously, they shot themselves.

   Greenhow, Fleming and Bateman were all wearing what police 
   described as black, military-style fatigues. Fleming's face
   reportedly had been painted white. Boyle said Greenhow was
   wearing face makeup, "apparently to disguise herself," and
   was found in possession of a wig.

   All three lived together in Andover, Hampshire, England,
   and police in Mesa, near Phoenix, confirmed all three had
   been in the United States since Jan. 6.

   The note found with Greenhow's body was "suggestive of
   suicide," Boyle said. The specific contents of the note
   were withheld. But Boyle said the note suggested "that the
   person had the mindset of some type of right-wing militia

   Authorities in northern California have yet to positively 
   identify Greenhow's body. Boyle said the victim's face did
   not completely resemble the picture in the passport found
   in the car, which identified her as Greenhow.  He said the
   victim's head wound also complicated the identification

   Boyle said an autopsy would be performed on the body.
   Officials have already obtained copies of dental charts but
   were seeking other records from Greenhow's family and
   authorities in England.

   Employees at a hotel on Lake Shasta where Greenhow stayed 
   last week said she was alone and appeared to be depressed.

   "She was by herself and she looked lonely and lost," said 
   Shelley Fahsholtz, front desk supervisor at the Bridge Bay
   Resort and Marina on Lake Shasta, just outside Redding.
   "She was quiet and shy."


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