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Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 00:54:18 -0500
Subject: Lusitania #7

Announcing the publication of Lusitania #7

Title of Issug, Sites and Stations: Provisional Utopias

Trim Size 7 in. by 9 1/2in.
Page Count: 256 Pgs
Stock:100grm Japanese Woodfree Cover: Laminate 260 grm Artboard Binding:
Perfect Binding
Language: Engli5h/ Korean
Illustratons: 32 Pgs Color  64 Pgs B &W


Publication date Jan.1995
Authors Info: Includes David Hickey, Miwon Kwon, Friedrich Kittlcr, Paul
Virilio, John Miller, Raoul Bunschoten, Celeste Olalquiaqa, Hani Rashid&
Lise Antic Couture

Description of Contents:

Steel & glass towers, once were a manifestation of our utopian dreams now
they recede into the distance.  Las  Vegas is up ahead., an oasis, whose
sole function is distraction, entertainment and spectacle. This is the end
of the road. Nothing beyond but wasteland.  Like the Emerald City of Oz,
all that glitters is not Utopia.  Since Venturis "Learning from Vegas,"
this city of lights has been architecturc's worst nemesis.  The future was
not supposed to be like this. Today, design bureaucrats have usurped and
decorated the placc of visionary architects.  The emblematic indulges in
the academic.
What is presented in Sites and Stations: Provisional Utopias is a challenge
architects to retrieve and deliver unsuspected possibilities of new
tomorrows, from the forbidden vision of the utopian.

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