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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:35:54 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Possession of Your Vehicle

> I am kinda sorda wondering, could we get away from the general
> comments
> about the web and it's socio-cultural influences and discuss some
> particular pieces. One of the most wonderful things about the web is
> that
> all of us can view the artworks regardless of our geographical
> location.
> So let's use this "great invetion that bonds us" and discuss the works
> in
> our common gallery, the web.
>> Yes ... go ahead ...

Thanks for answering. "Common gallery, the web" was a little pretencious
but I think it got the point across (at least I hope so...)

I think we can take a look at two sites:

The two sites seem to reflect two of the very prominent aesthetic
approaches amoung the computer-based artworks.

	 One, a smooth painting-like image, obviously created by an
individual highly proficient in sofware they implemented in their work,
the skill, in other words, is clearly evident. Navigation is linear and
functional, it takes a viewer from one image to another and doesn't seem
to be one of the issues that the piece focuses on. 

	Fakeshop site, takes a very different approach. Images and sounds
are presented in an abreviated form. The navigation is intentionally
confusing and only semi-functional. It really seems to be the focal point
of this piece. The skill of the author(s,) at least the artistic skill, is
by no means emphisised. Instead, the site has a fragmented look,
oversaturated with moving images, which seems to allude to popular media
like TV or the web. 

	It can be stated that the former piece is conserned with
presentation of images and the later with interaction with a viewer. 

Ok... Done with an overly brief bare-bones outline (and sorry 'bout any
spelling mistakes --> my e-mail utility doesn't have a spellchecker :( .)

I think it would be very intersting if we discussed these pieces; a kind
of static  computer generated painting (still conforming to painting
aesthetics) VS. an interactive (exploring new aesthetic possibilities)
discussion is what I have in mind, but I'm pretty cool with switching to
another topic or looking at other web-based pieces as long as we'll stay
off the important sounding generalizations and consentrate on particular

By the way sorry about comment! There is actually a site with a
URL <--- pretty bizzare, cool thing. Haven't figured out what
I think about it but Jodi apparently can get an org extencion! :)


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