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Subject: doubts doubts doubts
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:35:55 +0000

I understand that Pit Schultz, moderator at Net-time, delivered my previous
message on Richard Barbrook with an attached note:

>[the refered text is not available, luther blisset apparently male,
>and geocities a great website with often quite boring stuff on it /pit]

My dearest Mr Schultz,

I wonder if the fact that you don't appreciate the Luther Blissett Project
is likely to affect in some way "my" subscription and participation to
Net-time. Actually, Barbrook's draft IS available, everybody's read it
here. Nvertheless, I didn't leak details of it, I just made a polite,
collaborative comment on a note regarding "me". What drafts are passed on
for if not for advices?
Mine wasn't an attack on the text, which I deem as useful because it makes
some good points against the uncritical fans of Dolce & Gabbana.

Geocities is not a website but a free server with over a million members
and websites. "My" website is an index of all the stuff on LB available in
English (a few theoretical texts, mostly LB's amazing adventures), and it's
your right to find some texts boring, but I think you should allow the
other members to judge by themselves. It'd have been more correct to post
your comment as a reply to my message.

As to your reference to "my" gender, I admit I don't know what you're up
to, but I consider political correctness as slightly updated fascism, and
some people I know think that the best way to deal with fascists is picking
up the nearest iron bar available (not that I completely agree...:-)).
Would you like to impose me a label "Parental Advisory: Cuss Words"?

If this is your personal policy of "slight" moderation in Nettimeland, I
don't want any of that. A spade is a spade is a spade is a spade. You're
not gonna stop us. Someday you'll love me.

Thanks for your kind attention,
best wishes

Luther Blissett

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