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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:09:34 -0500
Subject: De Landa Rescheduled

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:44:08 -0400
To: John Young <>
From: (Suzan Dionne Balz)
Subject: Re: Pandemonium

The date of the conference has been changed.  This Saturday the 24th 
the artists will be present for a informal discussion at 3 p.m., and Manuel 
de Landa will speak on Saturday February 7 at 3 p.m. (the artists will 
also be present).

I'm posting a revised notice to cyberia-l, and I'll have a press release
shortly, which I'll email to you.  If you know of anybody who wants to
receive it by mail, I'd be happy to send it if you give me the info.

And I'd be very grateful for any help you could give re distribution and PR.

Thanks again.


Thanks to Igor Cronsioe, see the Williamsburg Art Center Web site:

Coda: We got Manuel de Landa's new book today, "A Thousand Years of 
Nonlinear History," Swerve Editions, New York, 333 pp. 

At first perusal it is quite stimulating, with de Landa's customary novel 
views and linkage of disparate information from multiple fields of
science, technology and literature, hardware and soft. 

Yes, the "thousand years" relates to the Deleuze and Guattari "milles," 
and BwO figures prominently. 

De Landa examines the interelationship of the last millenium of geology, 
biology and linguistics, their intermingled "flow" of ideas, hardware,
information, and contended belief systems, sighted and blind.

The book's contents:


1. Lavas and Magmas (on geological history)

2. Flesh and Genes (on biological history)

3. Memes and Norms (on linguistic history)

Conclusions and Speculations

Notes (58 pages of them! And by themselves constitute a 
noteworthy (sorry) essay.)

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