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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:36:59 +0000
Subject: Re: Robert Wyatt a bad Michael Jackson   ??

I was referencing to another post. Dont know what he meant with Algeria.
Its out of the news here, dont know what is happening there now. Cant find
this mail anymore. Well, whats avant-garde today ?

I think he missed something that sounded like heroism to me in Leonora
Carringtons works and I was listening to a very old Softmachine record, I
think their first tapes from 1967, great songs, about love that has gone
etc. pp.                                                                   
                                     >erm... what?                         
>>I dont want to start with Algeria, but even if Leonora C coulnt paint,       
>>so what ?                                                                    

Nothing about her in the local art history departement, nothing in the
library of the english department, but I found a book on Dora Carrington,
painter, women, horses, men, she did a play in the mental institution btw,
and The Hearing Trumpet, that I just started reading. Dogs in


Rereading Frantz Fanon, has he somethingn to say about Algeria today ?? Or
Le petit soldat ?? We had forgotten the cruel things on both sides, maybe.
Could you imagine that there were hundreds of peacefull Algerians killed in
Paris in the 60s ? Forgot the details of this massacre, anymay.....have

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