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Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 23:36:40 +0000
Subject: Why not Sneeze? 3.0


Why not Sneeze? version 3.0, May 1998.

new features:

----- "THE LINGUISTIC TURN" - an exhibition of web-specific art.
  Artists: Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead
               Lisa Hutton
               La Societe Anonyme
               Charles Rood
               Michael Gibbs

THE LINGUISTIC TURN is a group exhibition that acknowledges the textual and
(im)material dimension of Internet communication, while at the same time
taking advantage of the advanced graphical, spatial and temporal features
that are possible within the Web environment.


old features:

- reviews of Net.Art and CD-Roms.
- art projects by Michael Gibbs, Henriette Dingemans, Cordula Frowein, Dirk
Lansink and Mouchette.
- meta-critiques.
- critical guide to art on the WWW.

point your browser to:

Michael Gibbs, editor, Why not Sneeze?
Version 3.0 online from May 9, 1998

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