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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 10:30:38 -0400
Subject: RE: Hello?

>So are you suggesting that Cage be given the "Father of..."  statue in
>the avant-garde court?   I recognize him as a great man, in fact a very
>great man but how can Duchamp and, even deeper underground, Joseph
>Cornell not be given equal credibility.  Or drawing off of their
>influence, Max Ernst.  I just think that the beauty of the movement as a
>whole, or the beauty of any movement as a whole, consists of several
>moving parts working together- Cage admitingly being a major part.
Not Father but conduit, a nexus,  a transfer point --  a resource-- an
apostle  intent on spreading the word.  He was the contact point for the
generation  who felt oppressed by AbEx .

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