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Subject: Re: avant-garde failing-fortune
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 10:34:25 +0200

> Of course this is true but at this point it's almost trivially true. 
Yes it has been almost talked to death, but has had very little result.
You've got, to get even more trivial, pratice what you preach. Open
> It is
> true, but it should not need to be forever repeated, that the same object
> looks different in a grocery store from how it looks in a gallery, etc.
> are called to pay a different kind of attention to things called
> because the implicit contract between artist and socius is that if an
> artist denominates something to be art, then it will reward the viewer's
> attention with some sort of insight or added richness (unfortunately
> artists have been, as an easy rebellious stance, betraying this
> all too frequently in the last few decades--a rather amusing game at
> but it produces what we now see--no one pays much attention to those
> named "art" because very often the promise is not lived up to) 

The point I'm trying to make is that if we were to, if it was possible to
expand this "contract" to include more object, perhabs even the whole
world, this added insight/richness. Thus i belive we would be closer to
fully use/come into contact with the aestetic potitial of the world as a
whole. In expanding our view of art it would be possible to make the world
a more interesting place. At least I think it's important to maximise if
not the pleasure of viewing, then to be as open as possible to what the
world has to give us, both i terms of the man made or other objects. For
example listning to a freeway it's possible for you to hear only the noise
of capitalism, polution, waste of resources etc. Or you can alow your self
to hear i as an ocean, the ebbing and flowing of cars wahsing by.
	You can go to the Muster sculpture exebition and complain, that the
sculptures are so borring it's hard to find them. That it's all a game of
hide and seek. Or you can enjoy the fact the you just spend half a hour
looking at roadworks, that were not "art", when the real sculpture you were
loking for was 20 meter from there. I think that if the roadworks are as
thought provoking af the actual "artwork" then why rank it as less

	Kristoffer ěrum

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