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Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 21:35:01 -0400
Subject: Cyberarchitecture

Lingua Franca, July/August 1998, has a longish article
on cyberarchitecture, featuring the computer designs of 
Greg Lynn, Stephen Perrella, Hani Rashid, Marcos Novak 
and William Jepson.

Written by Alexander Stille, "Invisible Cities" reviews the 
methodologies of cyberdesign and its intentions, what its 
opponents say, and what the advocates retort: Lynn opines
that the old dogs, Eisenman and Gehry, are slaves to their 
computer programs without knowing it -- their programs'
geneology in aerospace or sneaker design are readable in 
the outcome.

Stille wonders if many of the contorted designs will ever
get built, whether they should be, and what happens
when cyberimages modem off the computer to sizzle 
lardheaded clients, contractors and inhabitants (and

There's also a brief look at what five "top schools" of 
architecture are attempting with computers -- in the 
case of Yale, doing without them "to fall off the bandwagon."

The piece is a bit too long to post here, so it's offered at:  (39K, with 8 b/w photos)

BTW, Stephen Perrella has a new book due out shortly,
"Hypersurface Architecture." See a brief description:

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