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Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 13:48:11 -0400
Subject: Re:  Politics of Cristo............

Malgosia wrote an exemplary note, which leads to the question
of why vaunt art as such, as so much politics? 

Could not an anony-Christo or a sub-rosa Dada be more influential 
covertly, unannotated, uncelebrated, without imitating the vainglory
of see-me, hear-me, buy-me, elect-me, of conventional politics 
and art, with their pervasive industry of  propounding, publicizing,
critiquing, of their auto-publico argumento ad absurdum of sapless
political art and critical aesthetics?

Global-grade politics and art are two enterprises hard to tell the 
difference of anymore, now that they both are so closely entwined 
in faux combat in the media arena: Finley coupled with Helms is
two-backed clown drooling and duo-smearing for the consumers 
of FX of FX of FX. Every country seems to have a version of
pro and anti imics, like parties without difference.

Does not Christo's ostentatious transnational industry thrive on the 
same booster infrastructure as any over-vaunted global project, 
whether military, commercial, policymaking or critical?

What could not be, in both politics and art, vaunted, capitalized,

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