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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 01:26:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Net Criticism 2.0/network extension

 To Whom ever wrote the following:
>Many squelched and chastised voices have been restating these objections
>for years! The bloated, pompous and decrepit institution of the vanguard
>will adopt and absorb any rhetoric as long as its increasingly insular
>mandates and critical-career positions are maintained. These institutions
>must _first_ be dismantled and discounted.
And what do you offer instead ? So far nothing but hackneyed rhetoric and
self serving congradulations -- Your idea of dismantling an institution is
akin to that of Baudrillard who proposed aparthied would come to an end if
people no longer believed it existed  -- the fact that your position, like
that of any permanent opposition,  sustains itself only as long as it
sustains that which it opposes  to this end musch contemporary criticsm and
theory focuses not on what has been said but what else may be said  -- if
and when the question of significance arises it is discussed in terms of
affect and not in order to aprioritize one position or another -- the fact
that those who criticize those who engage in theory do not read what they
criticize is often the reason they are not taken seriously -- Theoretical
Luddites and Know Nothings merely replicate the positions and mistakes of
their predecessors -- I once had a teacher who as an example of
saignificance and insiginificance would talk about how it would be amazing
if a native of the Amazon forest invented the telephone --  but totally
insignificant unless that telephone was in some manner an improvement over
our own. My point is that you do not have a clue to either the nature of
the institutions you oppose or how to dismantle and discount them.
LOVE and KIss

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