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Subject: Re: Avant-Garde ???
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 13:13:47 +0200

	I think it rather a funny forum this, the bourgeouis discussing the fall
of the bourgeouis, the theorist discussing the transendance of the theory
they themseleves are sustaining. The avantgarde is a funny word isn't it? 
	Subersion dos not equal confrontation. The goal of art does not have to be
revolution, for it to cause one. The enemy of all art, is prejudice,
preconcived systems of absolute right and wrong, in what form it may take:
Capitalism, Marxism, Lenisim. All these are for me manifestations of the
same need to categorise, the same failed attempt to make sense of the
wolrd. Rather than grant the kind of enlightenment that these different
systems promise, I find that they obscure are full, and open view of the
world. Of course some kind of system of common values is needed for us to
comunicate, but awarness that this is just a comunication tool, is
nesesary. We should perhaps look to the new physics, who argue that there
IS a greater law of physics, but that it's to great for us to grasp. Rather
they think of the so called "laws of physics", as very incoplete laws, that
only function under certain conditions, not universaly. Ups.... I would
like to write more, but i have a life of lead some where out there...

	Kristoffer ěrum		


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