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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:53:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: GOV - world's first direct electronic democracy (fwd)

>Charter: Historians will record British Columbia as the world's first direct
>electronic democracy. British Columbia, a province approaching 4,000,000
>people on the west coast of Canada is now effectively a direct democracy.
>In 1991 an astonishing 80% voted for a direct democractic system and in
>1996 the Recall and Inititiative Act was made law. Citizens now have the
>power to recall any member of the Victoria Parliament including the Premier.
>Already one parliamentarian has been forced from office by a recall
>petition and a recall petition against a Cabinet member came close to the
>requisite number of votes. The recall power could be used against any
>parliamentarian not heeding the wishes of the voting citizenry on any law
>or amendment or administrative action. It could even be extended to the
>judiciary and bureaucracies. Within 5-10 years we can expect the current
>growth rate of internet to make it as ubiquitous as tv or telephone. At
>that time daily power will shift from the Victoria Parliament to the
>Citizens' Parliament. This list will discuss how we can implement the
>electronic infrastructure for the new and inevitable Citizens' Parliament
>and the implications of this new democratic system. We will also discuss
>any matter relevant to B.C. politics.
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