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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:40:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Avant-Garde ???

>I question whether this is an accurate model, unless by "conceptual truth"
>you mean by definition a truth that is approached in this manner. I don't
>believe that thinking proceeds by positing static "propositions" and that
>movement ensues from clashes between mutually contradictory, but in
>inert, propositions.  I would say that motion is inherent to thinking, and
>"propositions" represent thinking in an artificial state of arrest, the way
>a photograph represents a moving object.  One might say, in fact,
>that to induce a self-reflexive self-consciousness is to release thinking
>from the staticness of propositionalization.

That is what is being proposed : therefor your caraturization of this
proposal is slightly off, contradiction (dialectics) are not in play but
counter propositions.  Propositions because they are generalized
representations of percieved and preciously conceptualized states are never
static or inert ( though most people these days act as if it were.)
Therefor to release thinking ( thought  in  the Hiedeggerian sense of the
term) we remove ourselves from the conception of tryth as object rather
than process -- that is engage  a notion of creativity that is itself
capable of becoming unfixed  -- thisis the reason I raised the question of
detournement  a practice that recognizes both thought and action have
effect and therefor situations are always changing and ones relation to
them must be constantly revised.  Its the habit of thought to fix things
(situations through (unalterable) concepts) until  they find themselves in
the untenable position of being dysfuntional or functionalist.  Truth
therefor is always already  conditional and a representation of a situation
that is either becoming  or decaying (entropying?)  It is this reason that
theory is more flexible than philosophy.


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