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Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 07:43:10 +0000
Subject: an invitation...

Is the WWW a new medium for art ?
Is the WWW the basis for a new artform ?

These are critical questions now for anybody involved
in creative activity and the Internet. An international 
group of artists at  has addressed these 
and related issues recently with the publication of the 
WebArt Manifesto and the creation of a new WebArt Gallery.

In order to foster public debate of the issues, and to 
give an opportunity for all shades of opinion to be 
represented, the WebArt Forum has been opened at
where you are now invited to participate.

We would like to invite you to review R2001's 
initiatives in this field, offer your critical 
response through the channels mentioned, and give as much 
publicity as you can to the efforts we are making to 
stimulate discussion of these matters.

To assist you in gaining familiarity with our activities, 
here are some of the key locations involved:

WebArt Mainpage

WebArt Manifesto

R2001 WebArt Gallery

The WebArt Files

WebArt Forum

Best regards,

Gerald O'Connell

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