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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 23:13:00 -0500
Subject: FLUXLIST: CYBERART99 Symposium in New York City.... May 8, 1999

CYBERART99: seeking solutions

Sunday, May 9, 1999; 10am - 5pm
Doors Open at 9am
The Great Hall -AT- Cooper Union
7 E. 7th Street, NYC (at 3rd Avenue)

It's been four years since ASCI produced what was perhaps the world's first
CyberFair at Cooper Union, NYC. Michael Govan, Director of the DIA Center
in New York and internationally renowned performance artist, Laurie
Anderson were keynotes. The field of cyberart has evolved and changed
dramatically since those early days. The issues at the end of the twentieth
century are no longer how to get access, how to create your own homepage,
or how to use the Internet to make art. Artists have pushed this globally
interactive medium in all kinds of creative ways: hypertext poetry,
multimedia works, and even live performances. Categories have been created
at prestigious international competitions to recognize and reward the best
and most innovative work in this newest of digital art media. However,
there are pressing questions that need resolution if this young artform is
to survive and flourish.

At CYBERART'99, you will see and hear how artists and museums are dealing
with the unique challenges of this rapidly developing "virtual" art. As a
medium that cannot be sustained by the traditional commercial gallery
model, webart requires new solutions regarding its production,
presentation, and maintenance. This all-day event brings together some of
the world's most creative digital minds in a unified effort to invent
concrete and viable *new models* of support.

The event format is designed to first provide an important historical
context=D6 history being a relative term in this field. Highly recognized
webart projects that exemplify many innovative U.S. and European support
models will be presented in the first half of the program. Then, proposals
for four *new models* of support will be shared for public critique and
feedback. These proposals will have been created during a month-long online
discussion of the panelists prior to the event.

We invite our audience members to learn about this vital new artform
spawned from recent tele-communications technologies, and to join us in
building a viable, formal structure for supporting it.

Maxwell Anderson - Director of the Whitney Museum of Art
Robert Atkins - art writer, editor/producer
Steve Bradley - web artist, professor at the University of Baltimore
Steve Dietz - Director, New Media Initiatives; Walker Art Center,
John Maxwell Hobbs - Creative Director, Ericsson CyberLab, NYC
Jon Ippolito - Internet designer/curator, Guggenheim Museum SoHo
Bill Jones =82 Editor of ArtByte Magazine
Laura McGough- independent curator and co-Director of NOMADS
Mark Napier - web artist and technologist
Randall Packer - media artist, lecturer in digital media, independent
Manuel Schilcher - web artist/engineer, set-up Ars Electronica's Lab
Doree Seligmann - Lucent Technologies, New Jersey
Wolfgang Staehle - Founder & Director of The Thing
Helen Thorington - turbulence website, Founder/Director
Martha Wilson - Founding Director of the Franklin Furnace, NYC
Adrianne Wortzel - web artist, professor at NYCTC-CUNY and Cooper Union

$15 Pre-Registration (until April 15th)
$20 At the Door
Print-out the Registration Form and send with your check to ASCI, P.O. Box
358, Staten Island, NY 10301.  ASCI phone#: 718 816-9796.

=46or event schedule, panel topics, hyperlinks to panelists URL's:

CYBERART99 is a co-production of The Cooper Union and ASCI.
(Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Cynthia Pannucci by return
email or call 718 816-9796.)

ASCI is a 10 yr.old, NYC-based, non-profit arts organization devoted to
raising public awareness about artists and scientists using science and
technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase
communication and collaborations between these fields.

Cynthia Pannucci
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
****Celebrating its 11th Year****

718 816-9796;
PO Box 358, Staten Island, NY 10301

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