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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:18:13 +0100
Subject: Re: Nietzsche's aesthetics/netart/WebArt....

Hi gang !

>>Btw, do you, everybody, think there is something like "net art" today??
>Sure is !
>take a look at
>and you'll see some of my work in the new medium...

My, my...

Isnt that some kind of an oldfashioned approach ?? Well, we dont have to go
back to the middle ages with their cathedral building groups, maybe


>It IS a new phenomenon, going through birth pangs, redefining itself
>daily etc. etc. The debates are less important than the work that is
>being done. Already there are a bewildering variety of approaches and

Thanks for the URLs...hope they make sense with Lynx.

Yes, the work is more important, but...

I would try to make the following distinction: everything, that can be put
on a floppy or a CD Rom is, maybe "art", depending on..., but not NETART.

Art is what artists do...and if they have webservers, work with electronic
media, its electronic art, nothing else.

I might be completely wrong, but I think, netart should be something
specific to the net, dont know what this could be, but as far as I could
see (and I havent seen your collections, or Barrys, yet), there wasnt
anything, that wouldnt be just electronic things. Things, that can be sold,
files etc...

Well, how to sell netart. Who has there any "copyright", or what can be sold ?


Btw, this isnt netart too, I dont think its art or there is art anyway, I
dont do there much, its just some kind of dynamic space, mostly for myself,
testing the hight speed links of european universities, I think, I have
mentioned it allready, there is nothing new, but if you want to bookmark
this, and I recomend downloading some of the (few) mp3 thingies:

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