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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 16:33:23 +0000
Subject: Re: notart

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>so heiko, in your mind, netart is anything that can't be put on cd-rom, 
>& Im trying to fit some examples into that scheme & can only think of
>works which are distributed around the network, viruses (or is that
>viri) & ?

good point !

the problem is reification... what is happening is that 'The Internet'
has been rapidly reified in people's minds into some kind of special
single thing, and those people don't really understand that the Internet
is merely a series of connections between computers via the global
telephone network... the only 'new' thing involved is TCP/IP and HTML as
the envelope for marked up layout and as a container for interactive and
multimedia routines.

People who don't appreciate those prosaic facts are 'feeling' the
enormous impact this makes on communicability of ideas and digital
objects, and are instinctively looking for something equally new,
revolutionary, special, unique and cataclysmic in the art content that
gets networked. Well, sorry folks, but it doesn't work like that. And it
is the 'uniqueness' that suffers most when you appreciate that point.
This is because 'THE INTERNET' is only a big fat global public version
of two computers linked on a LAN inside a building !

Many of these issues were debated here last year, and edited highlights
are now online at
for anybody interested.

My own view is that the whole thing has its really hilarious side: I
like the screams of anguished protest that go up when leading-edge
digital style gurus are confronted by the simple fact that netart/WebArt
rests on such ordinary, boring pillars as HTML and the PSTN (Public
Switched Telephone Network)....

Gerald O'Connell

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