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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 18:57:55 -0800 (PST)

Communicate number two

We have got a many responses from all over the world. So we think the idea
of Avantgarde-Ariergarde Festival is really interesting one for a many
people. There are some new details about the Festival :

When  - from 21 to 25 July 1999

Where - a little town Insko on Insko Lake placed in a center of Inski
Landscape Park, surrounded by lakes, woods and little hills. Insko Lake is
known for its very clean water.
Inski Landscape Park with its lakes and woods, and charmed little towns in
the neighborhood are ideal for walking and cycling tours.
Attention : Insko has only 2 small  hotels. For your hospitality there are
only some places in private accommodation facilities, camps. So, don't
forget a tent and sleeping bag ! For some participants organizers are
preparing lodgings in hotels, private houses or school classes.
What - music, films, theatre, off-theatre, happenings, painting and
assemblages, poetry, art theory and more...
There are prepared a few scenes for performances. Main one will be a local
movie. It will be stages for musical performances and films. Another
stages are : so called "dechy" (boards) on lake shore - for "electric
players", stadium stage - for "ecological performers", school hall - for
theatres and for discussion, local restaurant - for a cameral recitals and
discussions, all the town - for happenings and hot-minded performers,
church - for some specific "mystic" arts.

Participants - avangardist, ariergardist and sympathizers all over the
world. We haven't a lot of money to pay a great salary for everyone (if
any), but if you think the idea is good for you, you ought to participate
in a festival performances. We help you in any way we could help. Off
course all festival performances will be a free of charge.

We'd asked in first communicate your advises and we'd get a many ones. So,
there are crystallized a first rays of an idea of avantgarde-ariergarde
movement. Most of people thinks "avantgarde-ariergarde" is a something
"out of establishment, art business, big stage". A-gardist is for you a
real A-rtist who creates not for money, not for fame,  but for Art, as a
most important part of human activity, which ought to really define a
human nature. And A-gardist aren't the people leading towards a "new
horizons", but "only" trying to reach an art nature of man. So, for us
A-gardists are both the artist looking for a new direction of art
(avantgardists-ariergardists) and "an ordinary people" creating their
"today art", (amateurs-ariergardists). Both them are an outsiders, and
both of them are closer to heart of art than "people on main stage". Both
them are A-gardist and we couldn't say who of them are "av" and who are
"ar", because "extreme sides give themselves a hands".

- could the years of art-education kill an individuality of  the
"avantgardist" ?
- might the people without any concrete education be a true "avantgardist"
We try to explain it.

What do you think - is it true ? :
A-garde hasn't a stars, A-garde has an individualist.
A-garde isn't a way of a "new", A-garde is independent of the time.
A-gardist aren't looking for fame, A-gardist are looking for authenticity.
Today so called "art" doesn't create contemporary culture, but
contemporary culture create so called "art". There is more "so called"
then "art". We are against "so called". If you feel A-gardist you create
real art. Its no matter of fact you are professional or amateur.
"A big stage" has stolen an idea of avant-garde movement and now true
avangardist became an ariergardist like an amateurs artists.
Both they become an A-gardists.

We are waiting for your opinion about these question. It will be discussed
on festival and some of most interesting voices will be inserted in a
festival book.
And, we are waiting, off course, for your participation in
AVANGARDE-ARIERGARDE FESTIVAL or som kind of help (giving information to
others, for example).


 adresses :

Tomasz H. Rzonca
70 - 853 Szczecin
ul.Warminska 21/1

fax: (48)(091) 433 55 69

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