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Subject: Re: Nietzsche's aesthetics/netart/WebArt....
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 09:13:23 PST

>Well, how to sell netart. Who has there any "copyright", or what
>can be sold ?


I also have to question the use of reactionary forms presented as 
netart. If an artwork is intrinsically linked to the technology of the 
net, it would qualify as netart. More often than not, works on the web 
tend to be pictures of artwork, or images altered by Photoshop 
(representing a technological nostalgia for Surrealism). Although the 
Web is an effective way for marginalized artists to present images to an 
international audience, its presentation doesn't necessarily elevate it 
above traditional documentary photography (or slides). The Web has been 
best used as an exchange of artistic ideas, owing to its international 
At any rate, is it necessary to sell netart, and is it rational or even 
desirable to commodify it? Part of the beauty of the technology is its 
reproductive qualities. I lean toward anti-copyright 
sensibilities...most of the ideas of free-thinking individuals can't be 
sold or given away, let alone stolen for profit.



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