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Date: 26 Feb 99 07:48:55 EST
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I composed my 70-odd critical-poems, Visual Voices: The Poem As a Print Object,

Runaway Spoon Press


Wr-eye-tings Scratch pad	

on first a 1950's Underwood and later an electric IBM before I even thought of
using a computer and only realized after getting my first Mac 5 yrs ago that I
cdnt type one letter over another, turn the paper every which way, type light
and dark by key-touch, include erasures as part of the visual-poem scheme, etc. 

Since then nobody can tell me if there's a program that can do the same, except
maybe an expensive Adobe thing, which I won't buy because I'm technically
ignorant and clumsy and can't even manage to do tables smoothly on Microsoft
Word. It may be like the difference between real sex you have to compromise and
make adjustments for between two of you; and drug highs. 

Irving Weiss

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