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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 05:57:27 -0500
Subject: Re: C-\WINDOWS\TEMP\nsmail1V.jpeg

> Barry, I finaly managed to see your jpeg. Do you really think,
> that couldnt been done with paper too ? Rauschenberg did that
> kind of stuff with some oil, copying newspaper pictures etc...
> But maybe I wasnt too deeply into your visions..

It is a photoshop montage in a fashion that is currently the mode.  And
yes I think that things like that can be translated into paint on
canvas... huge like Raushenberg billboards.  Unlike Raushenberg there is
an enormous out cry about "intellectual property" and the bad artists
who copy.  Raushenberg photographed photographs and sensitized the
canvas and projected the photographed photographs onto it... did cut and
paste too.  Since there are many different media on Raushenbergs
canvases.  What do you think the longevity of his work is?  How long
will it be before the dyes and glues become unstable?

I am transferring digital imagery onto panel with acrylic paint.  I am
painting flowers.  Unlike Monet who enjoyed the light flashing off his
subjects, with the aid of my computer screen, I have noticed the light
shining through the leaves and pedals.

Although I am painting impasto I am creating an illusion of light
through technology in a light on medium.

I like things that last because I like things that are old... sometimes
we have to translate media to give it longevity.

I imagine that you don't enjoy antiques and would rather have a
disposable modernist culture.

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