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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 12:17:12 +0100
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At 3:02 Uhr +0100 on 28.02.1999, you wrote:
>yes I agree...i like the look of things
>color and proportion
>texture and form

Painting with brushes or whatever, pens, pencils, drawing. The mouse....
>i like paint too
>and brushes
>i like what they do
>i enjoy the tradition

Dont know much of tradition history etc, Pommerania etc in the middle ages,
well there was some swedish occupation sometime in the 17th century,
Maikaefer flieg, not like the US presence in california. Polish Russian
relations after 1918. Looking at things after the decision of drawing them,
if you decide to make a handmade picture of real things or of the
impression you have of them etcpp. To decide, which lines are ok, which you
shouldnt make, when a painting is ready etc, its more on decisions then on
looking or both, you cannot devide them. But all this isnt avant-garde, or
what ? Art and politics, propaganda, political art etcpp, cooperativ art,
networkart, art in the net, nobody has any idea of that.

Damian Hirst and flys and blood, behind glass, clean. Good guys, bad guys.
Hahaha. Its still the old power game and this will never change, as things
appear. Civilisation..... How was this Kuwaiti princess capable to lye in
such a way before the security concil ?? Maybe we should make a movie out
of her story, mix it with non inhaled cigars, but maybe trouth isnt but
just another illusion
>> Anyway, most important for painting is exact looking at things, thats where
>> all starts.

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