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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 05:50:48 -0500
Subject: Re: ...says Internet working against separatism (Canada)

most miss the fact that the st. lawrence seaway is the sea route for cities
like chicago and the midwest
they look at a map and do not see it

what is the american military contingency for a "separate" quebec?
could it represent an invasion of quebec to the south shore of the st.
what interest is there in the united states in the maintainance of a french
language and "separate culuture" in america?

hmmm... i wonder...

marsha chuk wrote:

> 'I believe the Internet will have the opposite effect and that it will
>  contribute greatly to the (hopefully peaceful) balkanization of Canada.
>  The reason is simply that separatist movements from Quebec to Scotland to
>  Hawaii are ubiquitous. However, they have a problem in organizing their
>  supporters.
>  ...'
> hallo heiko.
> is this you, a quote, a mixed voice? the general gist comes from a
> well-known futurist (name slips my mind) whose 1993(?) book addressed a
> generalised growth in regionalism - a (simplified) reaction to
> globabisation(?) - and he predicted the creation of hundreds, if not more
> new states in the coming century. he cited bosnia as the violent example;
> quebec as the non-violent.

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