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Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 10:21:05 -0400
Subject: Re: Vs: Comics/Graphic Novels

mn wrote:

> >
> Brilliant! Beautiful! Who made it?
> Wonder what program is used to manipulate the pictures? Any clues?
> mn

Gee thanks, my head is so soft and swollen that I have to use Dali sticks
to prop it off the keyboard.  "Silent Lake Sketching Trip" is one of the
few things of my own that I posted at Duchimp.

I used to carry a 35 mm camera with me but since I learned how to
digitize video, the video camera is my favorite "sketching" tool.  The
camera offers the possibility of a cubist view (multi point perspective),
sound and motion (if I can ever figure it out and the net speeds up and
the plugin problem goes away).  I have a limited budget and can't afford
a digital camera.  I already had the video camera.

I have a video card in the computer tower but I prefer to capture stills
with "Snappy" (a cute cheap little thing that fits on the printer line).
I do some preliminary work with the digitized files balancing color and
tint and size and luminosity in Snappy.  After I have the still saved I
load it into Photoshop and play with it like a painting I often use Image
Composer (I forget who originally designed the program but it is now
distributed by Microsoft as a give away). The images where bleed out to
background color with an Extensis PhotoFrames plugin.  Text was added
with another Photoshop plugin by Extensis called PhotoFont.  Finally the
images were compressed with Pegasus Jpeg Wizard (our only sponsor).

Finally they were laid up into html with FrontPage.  I don't use the Java
functions in it because they are not universally compatible.  FontPage is
good because it allows me to work and edit online (with FrontPage Server
Extensions) using a http URL rather than the more difficult FTP method.
It is possible to work "multi-authorial" webs online with the FrontPage
suite so it is good for sites that have several authors and editors all
working together in "real time" which is real fun.  The little snippet
called "Silent Lake Sketching Trip" was done solo.

I wish that nasty battle for superiority wasn't there between MAC and PC,
Microsoft and Netscape.  It damages us all - they actually align us
against each other.  Since people have related the internet to a highway
it is important to expand the allegory... what would it be like if the
rules of the road where different for every make of automobile?  Who
would be legally responsible for the 'crashes' that happen as a result?

I am not big on rules being an outsider and mostly on the street but...

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