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Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 06:11:55 -0400
Subject: Re: *.flashnoise

"Machines were mice and men were lions
(once apon a time)
But know that it's the opposite
It's twice upon a time."

*** Moondog ***

miekal and wrote:

> 30 Samples for Orchestra
> audioart toy
> a treatise postpolitic
> All heard noise the very first time.  Opinion, judgment & taste precede
> recognition & observation, so all are taught that hearing is a
> superficial mannerism, like eating temporarily resolves the pang of
> hunger.
> All hear noise as environmental phenomena, a parachute of sonorities has
> created all under greenhouse conditions, spawning a head of white-noise,
> from infancy to intellectual & physical extension.  All noisy stimulants
> have been reduced to the mental furniture of a many layered floor plan.
> They are continuously arranged & rearranged in obliquely, but unthought
> out schema, so as to minimize their/its intrusion upon everyday.
> NOISY is a four letter word & all must  all be made to feel guilt for
> performing amid its debacle.  All's perspective discourse excludes noisy
> philosophy.  Noisy memory cultivates the Babylonian anti-spectacle of
> bygone millennium.
> "Noise courts distrust & friction, behavioral schizophrenia & irrational
> haste."  The most unwanted byproduct of population is noise.  Its want &
> utility have imploded within its availability.  That noise is a weed to
> be plowed under, for hope of a flower later, that a planet so wealthy
> with a resource that is pungent with chaotic bits of info could
> rhetorically sacrifice it to the distant surroundings, to the recent
> past.  Noise is a food like oxygen, or is a piece of information like
> the mail, or an emotional gamut such as crying or fucking.
> Noise has entered our waking conscience, forcefully & can not be
> relinquished to the un/sub conscience.  There lies within noise a manner
> of empowerization that is both organic & suggestive.  By an external
> manipulation of erotic desirability, by a concentrated rehearsal of
> memory, of the most complete & instantaneous global recollection.  Noise
> constitutes all that remains undigested, confused & in opposition.  At
> the beginning of the 2nd millennium the properties of noise include as
> its subset consonance & rhythm since they are no longer obtainable in
> their original purity.
> No virgin harmony remains unspoilt by the ravages of industrial
> continuity.  Noise is the diamond of the future, mined & recycled for
> its luster, for its clues to the nature & construction of infinity.
> Noise reproduces in all directions with nucleic passion, with spidery
> unpredictability.
> The race is paralyzed by volume, loudness, amplitude, shouting,
> explosions; every sonic initiative is yet another blur of distortion.
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