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1. any unknown Mayan alchemical compound [MA]
2. contradictions which only "seem" paradoxical [MA]
3. martianspeak as received by Jack Spicer
4. the ability to forget one's own phone number in a crisis [MA]
5. a web anthology of text, poems, music which which which contain little if any

recognizable English.  please send your submissions to Miekal And at  no deadline. what do words want?
6.  a detachment disability triggered by repeated leverage
buy-outs.  [SK]
7. (n)  in Goidelic mythology the son of Bubo and Psalter.
Leprechauns kidnapped him at birth.  [SK]
8. (n) one hundredth part of the Senate of Ninevah.  [SK]
9. (n) an experimental fuel for disposable butane lighters. to date,
it does not mix very well with methane series having two isomeric forms;
however, scientists at genome labs inc., washington d.c., in a recent
Scientific Journal article stated, "the mistakes were inherently isomeric.
isomorphic experiments on mice look more promising, with less spelling
errors, and we are all fired up by the initial results."  [SK]
10. someone who has an obsessive-compulsive snooping disorder.  [SK]
11.  dogmatic assertion of the order of time or importance; usually referring
to someone who says, "I was here first!"  [SK]
12.  a factory where pixels are produced.
13a.  juvenile pterodactyl, faux fawn wanna be, fain, as signet is to
swan [GR]
13b. (per-y-dok-l) (n) (New Latin Prydxlactylus, genus of small juvenile
reptiles, from Greek pryteron wing + daktylos finger, 1830)
any of vaious juvenile Prydxlosaurs (suborder Prydxlvloidea) of the Late
Jurassic and Cretaceous period having a rudimentary tail and small
 yellow beak, main diet of mushrooms and coprolite. [CO]
14.  sap extracted from the cones of indigenous pine trees; used as a
preservative in eggnog.  [SK]
15.  a parody in essay form; used with 'of', the students were each asked to
write a prydxl of War and Peace for the final examination.  [SK]
16. party game using ten digits or fingers.  [SK]
17. (archaic) ancient Portuguese monetary unit.  [SK]
18. uncertain outcome; when one hedges one's bets, refuses to predict or to
take one side v. the other, one will issue a prydxl instead, thereby playing
it safe; used mostly in legal briefs.  [SK]
19.(v. colloquial) to coin.  orig. Medieval, when monks would engrave their
favorite slogans on the front and back of coin units to be used as
talismans.  gave rise to expressions such as, heads or tails and six of one
half-dozen of the other.  fell into disuse sometime after the invention of
the two-headed coin, subsequent to which, you had flip sides of the same. [SK]
20. refers to nosey northerners who pry into the ways of southerners.[JF]
21. Xray vision produced when unraveling the double helix into cerebral
cortex [EH]
22. (n) the term used in literary criticism to
describe a work that displays a powerful understanding
of critical theory and an able, highly experimental
manipulation of the medium, but that ultimately says
absolutely nothing definite, and will support any
number of contradictory interpretations. is said to be
named after the first text written in such a fashion,
whose entire body reads 'prydxl.' informal. [DS]
23. (n) An invitation to play euchre in Alaska. [KA]
24. (n) An inconstant, unfixed, but ever-present and ever-moving co-ordinate in
a computational device's active matrix at any given time.
 Synchronic patterns within the matrix may  result in all action within the
matrix being fatally suspended due to the "prydxl" being "coralled" (cf).
 Operating systems cannot give a warning when they suffer such a "prydxl lock".
The device must be isolated from its power source and then
 reconnected. It is recognised that most if not all computational device freezes

are caused by the locking of a prydxl. It is not yet clear whether more
 than one "prydxl" lock can happen simultaneously. [AL]
25. (n)  that which comes before prediction (Orig:Babel Fish Corp) [ST]
26. (n) A Freudian slip accompanied by an excessive flow of saliva.  As in -
"Oops! I didn't mean to say it or spray it!" "You prydxlite!" [ME]
27. The predicament of having one's penis caught in a orafice ( post copulation
). A phenomonon that often occurs with mating dogs. [HE]
28. It's a toothpaste.  Better than Crest. [JR]
29. (pree-diks-ul) (slang) a sum equivalent to $10,000. The term derives from
the surname of Uigurstani president Najmani Prydxl who
 reputedly won his country's presidency by paying that amount to have ballot
boxes excluded from the  counting process (cf. a BUSH).
Common usage...Do this favour for me and it's worth a prydxl. [AL]
30.  one having an inordinate amount of pride (as in pride XL) [CO]
31. acronym for:  People Rallying for Yankee Doodle Xenophobes of Louisiana!
32. Albanian slang for " the eye of the needle". [HE]
33. a change-changer used primarily by mass merchandise supermarkets; a machine
which predetermines a fixed, arbitrary
 X% of the gross and bilks customers of this amount for its work; a device which

leaves consumers net amount figures to
 exchange for paper money; an invention used to empty ashtrays, vases and the
like in the home environment, where
 pocket change (pennies et al) has been known to collect at the speed of light;
(orig.) modelled on the pinball machine, it
 saves customers and consumers alike the arduous tasks of counting, squeezing
and rolling up change into those impossibly
 small paper wrappers, and then having to stand in long lines at banks for the
equivalent amount in bank notes; an
 apparatus that changes change into cash while you play pokemon. [SK]
34. in sibling sequencing the prydxl follows the prodigy; in a family of
multiples, the middle child who competes for
 attention; in botany, a root that sprouts at a radically different angle. [SK]
35. [L., from Gr. prydxlaeos, raw meat] the raw meat eaten by plants when
roasted to a pulp by geographical natives; has
 world-wide distribution. [SK]
36. a robbery that almost doesn't come off [MH]
37. (n) A complex wherein the sufferer discovers that they are neither here nor
there.As in -"In a state of prydxl." [ME]
38. a mirror-hung car deodorizer [MH]
39. a state of confusion one experiences when she doesn't know why she's
being asked to provide her full name. [HE]
40. v. [from the Sanskrit prydxlshad, to sit and await] to sit and wait
anxiously. [SK]

[SK] = Susan Katz
[GR] = Graymatter
[JF]= Juvio Florence
[EH] = Eric Hiltner
[DS] = Drew S
[KA] = Kato
[AL] = Alan
[ST] = Stoneyplace
[ME] = Melissa
{HE] = Helen
[JR] = Judy Roitman
[CO] = Corrine
[MH] = Michael Helsem

International Dictionary of Neologisms

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