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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 15:30:50 +0000
Subject: Euan Sutherland - modern PLAGUES

New Media Scotland presents:

Euan Sutherland - modern PLAGUES and the decommissioned past
15 December 2000 - 31 January 2001

'We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, often self-deceit, but with a
little honest effort, it is possible to extricate ourselves from them. If
we do, we will see a world that is rather different from the one presented
to us by a remarkably effective ideological system, a world that is much
uglier, often horrifying. We will also learn that our actions, or passive
acquiescence, contribute quite substantially to misery and oppression, and
perhaps eventual global destruction.'  - Noam Chomsky, Turning the Tide,

In 'modern PLAGUES and the decommissioned past' artist Euan Sutherland
raises issues dealing with the 'decline' into the 21st Century through an
abandonment of humanitarian and ecological necessities, the dereliction of the
world through greed, domination politics and misguided social policies.

This new collage of work takes the form of a web site and an accompanying
publication. The interactive piece bombards the viewer with still and moving
imagery, sounds and voice-overs, quotations and statistics; while at the same
time denying any clear historical perspective with a maze like set of links
constantly changing order of events that demand a different personal
interpretation each time the work is viewed.

The work encapsulates a range of subjects from the last 25 years of the 20th
Century ...

... from Mesothelioma to the Miners strike ...
... from Ozone depletion to the Oklahoma City bombing ...
... from Diplock Courts to Death row political prisoners ...
... from Ethnic cleansing to the East Timor invasion ...
... from Rail privatisation to the Restart scheme ...
... from Nuclear disasters to the New Cross Massacre ...
... from Poll tax riots to the Persian Gulf war ...
... from Liverpool Dockers to the Lawrence enquiry ...
... from Apartheid to the Asylum Bill ...
... from Genetic experimentation to Greenham Common ...
... from UN 'peace keeping' to the US invasion of Grenada ...
... from Education cuts to the El Salvador death squads ...
... from Sellafield to the Special Patrol Group ...

For further information, or to obtain a free copy of the specially produced
publication by Euan Sutherland please contact:

New Media Scotland
PO Box 25065, Glasgow G1 5YP

Tel: 0141 564 3010		Fax: 0141 564 3011

New Media Scotland                 Tel. +44 141 564 3010
P.O. Box 25065, Glasgow G1 5YP     Fax. +44 141 564 3011
Scotland, UK          

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