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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 10:41:19 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Re: Video ii, mp3 etc...

> >
> I overdesigned it and redesigned it. Tables are so dangerous.

Textdesign. Work in Progress. Sisiphus. Syphon. Movies. Giacometti movies
for modems..

"Under construction", once something positiv. Everybody had those
"atwork" gifs around his pages. Today it is more "professional".
"Dot.coms" are allways perfect. When did you see a "Unter
construction" gif the last time ?

This "MPEG video filelists" thing, check out those movies chains, there is
even something for Real. It works as long as you dont expect Real playing
MPEG. Check it out with the MS Media player and audio filelists if you
dont have UNIX and cant use video/vnd.mpegurl. 

Setting a new standard, not like with big money, users, as in the
case of audio/x-mpegurl, but with IANA, the formal way, lets see if this
works too.

"Cut and stream". "One-click-streaming" and adding, moving, deleting URLs
in lists. "One-click-movies" that are make out of single MPEG clips.

Hope somebody gets the idea. Probieren geht ueber studieren.

It is the same idea that has never succeeded in the mp3 world.

MPEG audio filelists contain usually only *one* mp3 file for streaming.
But they could contain lists of mp3. Radio programming the easy way..
Maybe this changes with more bandwidth. Lower costs for users.


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