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Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 05:11:06 -0600

From: Annick Bureaud <>

Subject: Art à l'ère post-biologique - Art in the post-biological era

OLATS and CAiiA-STAR - in partnership with the C.ID. Médiathèque of the 
National School of Fine Arts - is presenting on December 12th and 13th 2000 
a symposium on the theme art in the post-biological era.

Through the presentation of the art and research of the artist members of 
the research group CAiiA-STAR, this symposium will point out the current 
state of art and explore the emerging fields in techno science related art : 
biotech art, online creativity, interrelationships between physical and 
cyberspace, links between ancient myths and contemporary practices - all of 
which approach a consciousness reframed by contemporary art technologies.

Participants include : Roy Ascott, Peter Anders, Donna Cox, Elisa Giaccardi, 
Diane Gromala, Pamela Jennings, Eduardo Kac, Jim Laukes, Dan Livingstone, 
Kieran Lyons, Simone Michelin, Laurent Mignonneau, Joseph Nechvatal, Marcos 
Novak, Michaek Punt, Niranjan Rajah, Gretchen Schiller, Bill Seaman, Thecla 
Schiphorst, Chris Speed, Christa Sommerer.

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