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Subject: Quaestio Abstrusa 001
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 21:22:40 -0400

QUAESTIO ABSTRUSA 001, the first in an ongoing series of compact disk
publications by Quondam, will be available for purchase mid-May 2001.

QUAESTIO ABSTRUSA 001 comprises over 550 pages from the over 3500 webpages
published online at Quondam from 21 November 1996 through 21 June 2000. Many
of the pages have not been seen publicly since 1997, and, as a whole, the
pages reŽnact Quondam's first years of cyber existence. Additionally, 511
new images derived from Quondam's digital and CAD archive act as simultext
throughout the publication.

Between 8 May to 15 May selected details from all the 511 pages of QUAESTIO
ABSTRUSA 001 will become available online, and thereafter remain online as a
means to browse through the publication. (So far details of pages 1 to 150
are online.)

The Latin for puzzle is QUAESTIO ABSTRUSA.

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