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Subject: call
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:46:24 +0200

Hi there,
This is a call for participation in sound project.
Please forward this call to persons who could be interested in it.
I am working on electro-acoustic work which will be
broadcasted on Istambul radio in the end of May.
It will be music for tape and wind instruments quartet.
The tape of the composition will be formed of various
souds which I'll collect from people from different countries.
This "multicultural" collage will be as acompany for live band.
I search for people who are interested in taking part in this
project.Participants would send a cassete or cd of their special
sounds and I'd find a place for their stuff in the composition.
Sounds could be any kind you like.It is to your choice
what material should be recorded and what its' duration
must be acctually.
There is no deadline, but it would be better to
get your sounds to the end of the May.
All participants will get the final record, when it'll be performed.
For closer definition write to
send to:
Arturas Bumsteinas

Thank you for your time.

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